Transmissions From Yonder Shore

An anthropologist, writer, artist, and astrologer exploring shamanic and altered states of consciousness within the depths of the Collective, Gaian, and Omniversal Sea through the manipulation of light and sound.
Twitter: @FromYonderShore

The Transmissions Project is an aleatoric music and visual art project founded by Chris Kaplan and Christopher Bruno (Sophomore. Peacock, The Knight Owls). The project is based on research on the effects of sound on consciousness, Unified Wave Theory, String Theory, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, and accumulation of cross-cultural mythology. We have based the experiment around three tenets that we adhere to during live transmissions as well as for studio production. First, each tone in the 12-note chromatic scale corresponds to one of the twelve zodiacal phases. Secondly, this zodiacal cycle corresponds to the electromagnetic spectrum, where each whole note corresponds to a specific color and chakra.